Migrating Backblaze Personal Backup to B2

Backblaze Personal Backup is great. When you want to format your machine and get a clean slate, it helps to have a backup of all your information in cloud (only if you have no trust issues with “cloud”).

Anyway, I have had a backup of about 90GB with backblaze for an year. I realized that I can move this to B2 and save a lot of money. I basically needed backblaze for archival purpose.

So, here’s what I did:

  1. Login to Backblaze, request a restore, select all files.
  2. Wait for the restore, takes hours to prepare the zip. You’ll get an email once it’s ready.
  3. Create an account with digitalocean
  4. Spin up a droplet in SF area, (since Backblaze’s datacenter is nearer) with attached value of capacity more than twice the size of your backup.
  5. Login to your backblaze account, go to My Restores, and click on the download link.
  6. Once the download starts, just cancel it, copy the link.
  7. If you are using chrome, install this extension called: cookies.txt.
  8. Click the extension icon in backblaze page and copy the contents.
  9. Now login to your new droplet and create a new text file ‘cookies.txt’ and paste the content and save it.
  10. Now, make sure to cd into your mounted volume and execute curl, wget or aria2c whatever’s your favourite.
  11. Follow the instructions in cookies.txt to download the copied link using cookies.
  12. Once done, unzip the zip file.
  13. Now, first install pip through sudo apt install python-pip and then b2 through pip install b2.
  14. Now, b2 authorize-account, and enter the account id and account secret.
  15. You can get these by visiting the Buckets link under B2 Cloud Storage section, by clicking on ‘Show Account ID and Application Key’.
  16. Now create a bucket, and sync the unzipped contents with the bucket.
  17. Done!

I realize this is tedious and time taking. But, once you do it, you are free to discontinue Personal Backup plan! I wish backblaze provided 1-click archive-my-personal-backup option.

And, don’t forget to destroy the droplet once you are done.